About Lily

Lily Thomson

Empowering you empowers me and everyone on the planet!

lily_portraitLily Thomson is an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher member of The Reiki Association which honours the traditional teaching and simplicity of The Usui System of Reiki and can trace lineage directly to Hawayo Takata.
Lily has studied and worked in America, Canada, Australia, The Philippines, Scotland, Brasil and the U.K. Regular visits to Brasil developing a Reiki pastoral team of 9 teachers and 77 practitioners who visit the sick and dying in a church community in Sao Paulo is one of her achievements.

To read about Lily’s work with Reiki in underprivileged areas of Brasil, please click on the spinning globe below:

After an intensive course of training with Brandon Bays in England and Australia, Lily became an accredited Journey therapist in 2001 and has built up a successful practice in Essex.

Continuing her passion for helping others, Lily has now added personal Life Coaching to her expanding repertoire of tools to aid your development.

A mother and a grandmother with a background of teaching and chaplaincy Lily favours balance in all areas. Her courses have come from her own experience and are energising, practical and fun.

“My wish is to share the insights, wisdom and understanding that has helped me in my own healing and development as well as healing shared with others. These insights, wisdoms and understandings have come from many sources and the many beautiful people I have been blessed to meet and privileged to work with around the world. I wish to support anyone who hears the wake – up call of the universe to fulfil our destiny as beings of light.”