The Journey

The Journey™ is a unique and powerful process which can bring about personal change and healing at cellular level.

It has a profound effect. Once an issue is cleared, it does not return.

Healing can be instant. More typically, cellular recovery takes time. The side benefits can often be more illuminating than the intended result as The Journey™ deals with root cause not symptoms.


Brandon Bays pioneered The Journey™ as a result of dealing with her own illness. In 1992 she was diagnosed with a tumour growth the size of a baseball in her uterus. Within 6 weeks of finding and feeing the layers of undigested emotions driving the growth, the tumour disappeared without drugs or surgery.


  • Will help clear emotional blocks which have held you back from experiencing your highest potential
  • Will facilitate healing on all levels
  • Will open you into your own joy and freedom and allow you to experience true fulfilment



  • a Designer Journey can process specific issues
  • the Life’s Purpose Journey reveals the big picture which can clear the confusion of everyday life
  • the Abundance Journey is an outstanding tool for improving relationships, finance, work prospects, etc
  • the Junior Journey process helps young people who store negative emotions and bring them out in home and school life as unhappy or challenging behavioural issues

Accreditation & Reputation

Accredited Journey Practitioners are trained personally and intensively by Brandon Bays in the UK, South Africa and Australia. The Journey™ is now recognised internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available.

Recommended Reading

  • “The Journey” by Brandon Bays
  • “The Journey for Kids; Liberating your child’s shining potential” by Brandon Bays
  • “Consciousness: the new currency” by Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett
  • “Freedom Is… Liberating your boundless potential” by Brandon Bays